raised to date for Digg Deep For Kids – every contribution makes a significant difference.

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Why Digg Deep For Kids Is Special...

The reason Digg Deep For Kids is so special is because we use the money raised by incredible people like you, to buy exactly what our chosen charities need for members of our communities. We work with people of influence to spend the money and get much more than the value spent.

In 2022, after raising an incredible £182,720

...we were able to provide families with almost half a million pounds worth of goods. The impact this has had on people's lives is much too great to ever fully describe. This year, we’re back again, with more determination, positivity, and hope than ever before. Your donations, contributions, and generosity can move mountains for families in your area. So, together, let's, spread some joy, change some lives and elevate our communities to new heights. Digg Deep for your community, Digg Deep for its future, Digg Deep For Kids.