Light Up Your Vehicle

Shine your light for Digg Deep For Kids 2021. 

This year, we wanted to do something extra special to raise awareness about this amazing campaign. 

As many of you know, Digg Deep For Kids began with Caroline O’Neill, who began advocating for children at Christmas from her shop Digg Childrenswear. Caroline's shop was named Digg, because her magnificent father helped her start out to achieve her dreams, and he drove a digger. 

The agricultural community has always been such a special and important part of Caroline and her family's life and because of this, they have decided that there would be no brighter way to launch the 2021 Digg Deep for Kids campaign than to light up as many vehicles, diggers and machinery as possible! 

But, we need your help. There’s no way that one farm’s light will be enough to give this campaign the introduction it needs! 

We’re inviting you, your families and everyone you know to light up your vehicle from the 28th of November to 14th December, to advocate, support and raise awareness for the children and families that need our help. 

So gather up your diggers, tractors, lorries and cars! Find lights, bulbs and things that glow, and light up your vehicle for kids in your area. 

No matter how big or small, we can all make a difference this year. 

Don’t forget to upload photos and videos of the process and the shining finished product, and make sure you tag @Diggmama and @DiggDeepForKids on social media. 

Together, let’s shine light in the darkness for those that need it most.